What is biodiversity? Biodiversity is the variety of living things found in one area. This includes animal and plant species, fungi and microorganisms, forests, deserts and seas, and last but not least us humans. Throughout the zoo you will find different biodiversity symbols that inform you about this complex topic - because in nature’s vast network all living things on our planet are connected. They have evolved fascinating behaviours and play an important role in their habitat. However, some species are struggling with threats to their populations. Every time you discover a biodiversity symbol during your visit, you will learn something new about the diverse nature that surrounds us.

Das gelbe Keyviusal.

Fascinating fact

This symbol indicates species with fascinating characteristics and exciting creatures from around the world.

Das grüne Keyvisual.

Basis of life

This symbol explains what role the animal or plant plays in nature, thus creating the basis of life for other species.

Das braune Keyvisual.

Diversity under threat

Any small change in our ecosystem can have a massive impact on many species - find out more at this symbol.

Eine Biene bestäubt eine lila Blume.

Expedition Biodiversity

Discover how things are connected. Let yourself be inspired by biological diversity and learn more about the interdependence between animals, plants and our environment in our Species Conservation Center.

Hellabrunn Species Conservation Center

Even small individual actions can have a positive impact on biodiversity and help protect endangered species. Find out how here.

Everyday conservation

Join us on a journey to the conservation projects supported by Hellabrunn Zoo.

Species conservation projects