Gallus gallus dom.

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  • Family
    Pheasants, fowl and quail (Phasianidae)
  • Weight
    1 – 1,5 kg

Rock hairstyle

The main distinguishing feature of the Appenzeller is its forward-pointing feather crest. It also has a V-shaped comb instead of the normal chicken comb. The Appenzeller’s plumage ranges from black, white, golden spangled to silver spangled.

Frost-resistant mountain chicken

The Appenzeller is perfectly suited to its habitat in the alpine foothills of northeast Switzerland. They are excellent climbers on rocky terrain and their ability to fl y enables them to roost in trees. Other adaptations include the smaller wattles and comb (V-shaped) to prevent frostbite.

In the 20th century, the Swiss canton of Appenzell was the last region in which the chicken breed survived. It was thus named after the region.