Javan Banteng

Bos javanicus javanicus

A portrait of a banteng in the Hellabrunn Zoo. IUCN Red List endangerment category: Endangered
  • Family
    Bovids (Bovidae)
  • Weight
    600 – 900 kg
  • Habitat
    Tropical rainforests

Peaceful livestock

Also known as Bali cattle, the domestic Javan banteng is an important livestock for the people of the island of Java (Indonesia). It supplies the region with milk and meat, while the leather and horns generate an additional source of income. Both the male and female have horns, but can be clearly distinguished by their coat colour. Typically peaceful, Javan bantengs may react aggressively if harassed or alarmed.

The picture shows a Java Banteng with two long horns. The animal looks directly into the camera.

Home is where the rainforest is

The Javan Banteng is native to the Javanese rainforest. It is most active at night and during twilight. Bantengs thrive in the wet and humid habitat, particularly as they are good swimmers. The herds roam the forests where they feed on fresh grasses and leaves. Like many herbivores, bantengs need to visit a salt lick to get essential mineral nutrients, but in coastal areas they will occasionally drink seawater.

Bantengs are classifi ed as endangered due to rainforest deforestation, interbreeding with domestic cattle and livestock diseases.