Visayan Warty Pig

Sus cebifrons negrinus

A group of three Visaya pustule pigs putting their noses together. IUCN Red List endangerment category: Critically endangered
  • Family
    Pig (Suidae)
  • Weight
    35 – 80 kg
  • Habitat
    Philippine rainforest, up to 1,600 m above sea level

Flamboyant mane

Male Visayan warty pigs are easily recognised by the long, distinct mane down the midline of their neck and back. They owe their name to their unique facial feature: thee pairs of fleshy “warts” on the face of the boar.

Das Bild zeigt ein Visaya Pustelschwein welches den Boden beschnuppert.

The last of their species

The Visayan warty pig is under threat due to the clearing of tropical rainforests in the Philippines, their natural habitat, to make way for sugar cane and rice plantations. In addition to habitat loss, other factors such as hunting and mating with domestic pigs have reduced the population in the wild to only a few individuals. One of the two subspecies, Sus cebifrons cebifrons, has already been irretrievably extinct since the mid-90s.

Visayan warty pigs now live in only 2 % of their original distribution area in the Philippines.