Hellabrunn supports conservation worldwide

Protecting endangered species in their natural habitat is one of the key objectives of Hellabrunn's conservation work. That's why the zoo is involved in several conservation projects around the world, supporting partner organisations not only financially, but also by actively raising awareness about conservation issues amongst the public – at the zoo, on its website, via social media and through the traditional press.

Between 2012 and 2021 alone, Hellabrunn Zoo contributed over €450,000 to support more than 40 different species conservation projects. Thanks to your help, we can continue this important work and act as a reliable partner for conservation organisations around the globe.

Join us on a journey to the conservation projects supported by Hellabrunn Zoo!

Eine Savannenlandschaft in Afrika.
Projects in Africa

A landscape picture of America.
Projects in the Americas

A landscape picture of Asia.
Projects in Asia

A landscape picture of a mountain landscape in Europe.
Projects in Europe