Geozoo of Biodiversity

Since 1928

Founded in 1911, Hellabrunn Zoo is one of the most renowned scientifically-led zoos in Europe. The zoo is home to more than 500 animal species that live in a unique natural paradise in the beautiful Isar Meadows conservation area.

First geo-zoo in the world

Hellabrunn Zoo is the first geo-zoo in the world: In 1928, it launched its then-innovative concept of arranging the animals at the zoo geographically according to continent. A walk through Hellabrunn takes you on a journey through exciting animal worlds from the polar regions to Africa, from Europe to the Americas and Asia to Australia. The animals at Hellabrunn often live together in natural communities, in spacious enclosures, just like in their natural habitat.  

After relaxing the policy in the last few decades, the zoo now aims to return to this tradition by once again placing its geo-zoo concept at the forefront. The target and development plan drafted in 2012 contains a description of the current situation as well as clear guidelines for the future: Arranged according to continents, the highlights are to be evenly distributed over the 40-hectare grounds and the enclosures optimally equipped for the animals.

Since the opening of the 10,000 m² African giraffe savannah in 2013, giraffes, meerkats and porcupines have been living in the new Africa zone at the Isar entrance of the zoo - the first big step towards becoming a geo-zoo of the future. With the completion of the Mühlendorf village and the Zoo School in 2019, the next milestone in the Hellabrunn Master Plan was reached. Here, visitors can meet heritage and endangered breeds of domestic animals and learn about how animals evolved from wild to domestic species with the help of exciting, interactive stations.

Ein sibirischer Tiger im Tierpark Hellabrunn.

Around the world with all your senses

Modern zoos are not just popular recreational facilities, but also play an important role in species conservation, research and education. Many children often have their first experience of the fascinating animal kingdom at a zoo. The loud roar of the lions, the climbing skills of the silvery gibbons or the intense smell of our elephants - experiencing these animals with all five senses has a lasting effect on young and old guests and inspires them to protect the amazing animal world.

Our values

Hellabrunn Zoo is the world's first geo-zoo, a traditional and forward-looking institution that connects humans, animals and nature.

  • We make animal worlds an emotional experience with all five senses
  • We raise awareness about flora and fauna and the need to protect biodiversity
  • We live by our core messages on species, nature and environmental protection (biodiversity)
  • We always pay attention to the wellbeing of the animals entrusted to us and always strive for the highest standard of animal husbandry
  • We educate our visitors about the importance of conservation and sustainable use of natural resources to protect biological diversity and ensure wellbeing for future generations
  • We inspire visitors to participate in environmental and nature conservation tasks

We can only achieve all our goals as a team; the commitment of all our employees is the key to our success.