Get to know native and exotic animals, explore distant continents, immerse yourself in a beautiful park landscape and have fun learning about wildlife. At Hellabrunn Zoo, you can do all this and more. The zoo envisions itself as a centre for education and nature conservation, with the aim of inspiring visitors to protect biodiversity and educating them about species conservation. Mini exhibitions, information signs and interactive stations at the various enclosures invite visitors to learn about the unique biodiversity of our planet, the wonders of the animal kingdom, interdependence in nature and threats to the diversity of life.

Das Hellabrunner Artenschutzzentrum.
Species Conservation Center

Visit the permanent exhibition in our Species Conservation Center and discover the fascinating wonders of biodiversity and vital conservation projects around the world.

Ein Wolf im Tierpark Hellabrunn.
Exhibitions at Hellabrunn

Our exhibitions give you fascinating insights into the animal kingdom and explain what you can do to help save endangered species.

Ein Schmetterling.
Discover biodiversity

Let yourself be inspired by biological diversity and learn more about the interdependence between animals, plants and our environment.

Das interaktive Vogelbuch im Tierpark Hellabrunn.
Local biodiversity discovery stations

At the discovery stations you can get to know local animal and plant species. You’ll find some stations situated in a natural setting between the enclosures and in the zoo’s meadow landscape.