The problems and challenges of this time sometimes seem overwhelming and crushing. Do we have any chance at all to stop global climate change? What can we do about the flood of plastic in the water? And how do we want to stop the worldwide extinction of species in the face of hunger, wars and global pandemics?

Of course, no single person can save the world. But in a globalized world where everything is interconnected, where every day we consume products that have been produced, grown or processed in other corners of the world, every person's behavior has an impact. With our consumption behavior we influence the environment and are also unfortunately often directly or indirectly responsible for its destruction. But it is in our hands! We can reduce the negative influences of our everyday behavior and sometimes even turn them into positive ones.

Eine weiße Weltkarte auf blauem Hintergrund.
Our species conservation projects worldwide

Come with us on a journey to the species conservation projects supported by Hellabrunn

Eine Comic-Zeichnung eines Eisbären auf blauem Hintergrund.
Species protection in everyday life

Schon mit kleinen Schritten kann man Biodiversität positiv beeinflussen und etwas für den Schutz bedrohter Arten tun. Wie das geht, erfährst du hier.

Das Symbol für Recycling
Cell phone collection campaign

Clear out your drawers!

Zwei Artenschutzbotschafter am Info-Mobil Polarwelt
Our conservation ambassadors

Our volunteer conservation ambassadors engage with visitors by sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge through exciting stories and wildlife exhibits.