Ein Regenwald, zum Teil mit Nebel verhangen.

Everyday conservation

Protect biodiversity – tips for everyday life!

Of course, no single person can stop climate change or end plastic pollution in our oceans. But as conscious consumers, we can influence the production of food and other goods, transport routes and the mining of raw materials. The prevailing environmental problems today cannot be solved, unless we work together. If we all take small actions in our everyday life, we can have a positive impact on biodiversity and help protect endangered species. Want to join us?

Ein Stapel aufgeschichteter Baumstämme.

Save the forest

Forests are the green lungs of our planet and unique habitats. But every day large swathes of forest are destroyed – for wood, paper, plantations or pastures. We are all responsible for this. It’s high time for change. Join us and become a forest protector.

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Verschiedene Flaschen, in denen Schlangen illegal zum Verkauf konserviert wurden.

Red card for poaching and illegal wildlife trade

Our penchant for the exotic, our greed for game meat, hides, horns and teeth has driven many species to extinction. This is what encourages poaching. Say no to poaching and illegal wildlife trade! Get informed and advocate for endangered animals.

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Ein Netz voller Fische.

Fair fishing

Fish is healthy and tasty. But fish is also a limited resource that is becoming increasingly scarce. Overfishing doesn't just affect our food options, it also threats the health of our seas. But it doesn't have to be like this. Join us and support sustainable and fair fishing.

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Ein Eisbär geht auf einem grünen Rasen in Hellabrunn.

Climate protection: We can do it!

The ice is getting thin – not just for the polar bears. Global climate change affects us all. We are the polluters, but we can also stop climate change. Let's act together. Join us and become a climate protector.

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Ein Industriegebietm von dem giftige Dämpfe aufsteigen.

Environmental detectives wanted

Every day we poison our environment, we pollute the water, air and soil. As a result, animals and plants suffer – and our health. Say no to pollution! Get informed and learn to behave in an environmentally friendly way.

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