Ein Regenwald, zum Teil verhangen von Nebel.

Forests under threat

Forest protectors wanted

Ein Regenwald aus der Vogelperspektive.

Forests are the green lungs of our planet and its unique habitats, and are essential for a healthy climate on Earth. But every day large swathes of forest are destroyed - for wood, paper, palm oil, soy and sugar cane plantations and pastures. Deforestation not only destroys important habitats, but also increases climate change.

Why forests matter:


  • provide habitats of 80 per cent of all terrestrial animals
  • are home to 300 million people worldwide
  • provide food, wood and medicine
  • store carbon dioxide in trees and soil
  • maintain water cycles and rainfall levels
  • stabilise the local climate
  • prevent soil erosion
  • purify the air
  • clean and filter our drinking water

How you can help stop deforestation