Tarpan (Bred-Back)

Equus ferus

A partial shot of two tarpans grooming each other.  IUCN Red List endangerment category:
  • Family
    Horses (Equidae)
  • Weight
    300 – 400 kg

Extinct species

The tarpan became extinct in the 19th century due to the pressures of hunting, expansion of human settlements and interbreeding with domestic horses. The tarpan horses that exist today are not true tarpans, but bred-back species.

The picture shows a tarpan walking towards the camera.

Wild horses

The wild horse is the primeval form of the domestic horse. Animals that we refer to as “wild horses” today, such as the mustang, are actually feral horses of domestic origin. Przewalski’s horses in Asia are the only true wild horses in the world today.

The tarpan was known as the Eurasian wild horse. Its range was west of the Ural Mountains.