Gallus gallus dom.

[Translate to English:] IUCN Red List endangerment category: Endangered
  • Family
    Pheasants, fowl and quail (Phasianidae)
  • Weight
    2 – 3 kg

Proud rose comb

Unlike other chicken breeds, the Augsburger has a cupshaped or rose comb. This begins at the beak and splits into a cup with two evenly jagged sides. The Augsburger occurs in two colours: jet black with a distinctive green sheen and black-rimmed blue (each feather has a black rim).

A black Augsburgeer looks to the left with its breast outstretched.ugsburg chicken looks to the left.

Bavarian service provider

The Augsburger is the product of crossbreeding a French and an Italian chicken breed. The aim was to combine the qualities of a breed with good quality meat with a breed that was a good layer of eggs. The Augsburger is the only chicken breed native to Bavaria. It can lay up to 180 eggs per year and also provides very tasty meat.

Chickens deliberately swallow small stones called gastroliths, which help the toothless animal to grind hard plant food.