[Translate to English:] Ein Alpensteinbock-Jungtier.

The latest births

Our most important births within the last months:

August 2023

2Augsburger chicken
9Appenzeller chicken
1Javan Banteng
1Greater kudu
1Dama gazelle

July 2023

1Domestic yak
2Pygmy goats
7Appenzeller chicken
2Silver pheasants
6White-cheeked pintails
1Dama gazelle

June 2023

3Alpine ibexes
2Domestic yak
3Pygmy goats
3Appenzeller chicken
3Augsburger chicken 
3Northern shovelers
6Common shelducks
2Dahomey dwarf cattle

May 2023

15Appenzeller chicken 
2Mhorr gazelles
1Heck cow
1Two-toed sloth
4Pygmy goats
1Alpine ibex
2European Elcs
2Common shelduck

April 2023

1Northern rockhopper penguin
17Appenzeller chicken
2Mhorr gazelle
2Demoiselle crane
1Heck cow
5Humboldt penguin
1Red kangaroo
2Javan banteng
8Kunekune pig
2Indian Crested porcupines
Ein Faultierjungtier auf dem Bauch seiner Mutter.

Animal inventory 2021

For information about our animal population (as on 31.12.2021) and its development in 2021, please see our index of animals, compiled annually.

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