[Translate to English:] Ein Mähnenrobben-Jungtier auf einem Felsen.

The latest births

Our most important births within the last months:

Oktober 2022

1Reeves's muntjac

September 2022

6Augsburger chickens

August 2022

4Appenzeller chickens
11Alpine newts
ca. 50Midas cichlids
ca. 2525 Lemon cichlids
1King penguin
3Augsburger chickens
4Brazilian guinea pigs


Zwei rote Panda-Jungtiere blicken aus ihrer Innenbox.

Animal inventory 2021

For information about our animal population (as on 31.12.2021) and its development in 2021, please see our index of animals, compiled annually.

Download (PDF, in German)