Azara's agouti

Dasyprocta azarae

An Azara Aguti sits in front of the camera and eats something from his hand. IUCN Red List endangerment category: Not evaluated
  • Family
    Agoutis and Acouchis (Dasyproctidae)
  • Weight
    2 – 3 kg
  • Habitat
    Tropical and subtropical rainforests

Hard nut to crack

The main food of the Azara’s Agoutis are seeds, nuts, fruits, roots and other plant material. When feeding, they sometimes follow other animals, such as primates, and feed on dropped fruit. Agoutis are the only mammals that can crack the hard shell of the Brazil nut. Therefore, they are very important for their distribution.

Defensive rodent

Azara’s Agoutis live either in pairs or in small family groups. They vigorously defend their territory against rivals from another community, often aggressively. In order to find food, the large rodents may sometimes enter areas with a high human population.

The Azara’s Agouti is increasingly under threat due to the pressures of deforestation and hunting for its meat.


Distribution Azara Aguti