Hartmann`s mountain zebra

Equus zebra hartmannae

The photo shows the profile of a zebra attentively pricking up its ears. IUCN Red List endangerment category: Vulnerable
  • Family
    Horses (Equidae)
  • Weight
    240 – 380 kg
  • Habitat
    Mountain foothills, mountain plateaus, bushlands, grasslands, deserts and semi-deserts

Fight among stallions

Zebras live in breeding herds or harems that consist of one stallion and several mares with their offspring. Young stallions reach sexual maturity at the age of six, at which time they challenge a dominant male to a fight. A dominant male can defend his position for up to 15 years without being driven away. Males with no herd join bachelor groups or form new harems.

Hard hooves

The Hartmann’s mountain zebra’s habitat is characterised by barren, mountain terrain. It has hard, pointed hooves for sure footing on steep, rocky slopes. Much like our fingernails, the mountain zebra’s hooves grow fast and throughout its life. All zebra species are ungulates or hoofed animals: their single hoof allows them to run on hard ground.

Each zebra has a unique striped pattern; no two are identical. Individuals can also be distinguished by their smell.