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Oceans under threat

Fair fishing

Fish is healthy and tasty. But fish is also a limited resource that is becoming increasingly scarce. In almost all our seas, more fish are caught than stocks can naturally replenish. Today, almost every third fish population worldwide is overfished. About 80 million tons of fish and seafood are hauled from the seas every year.

Fishing down the food chain

Overfishing doesn't just affect our food options, it also threats the health of our seas. Predatory fish such as tuna and cod are particularly common foods we enjoy. But when their stocks are overfished, fishermen turn to smaller species, which the larger predatory fish rely on to survive. So their stocks hardly have a chance to recover.

The result: the marine food chain is being systematically destroyed from top to bottom. Larger animal species such as sharks, whales, seals and seabirds are also threatened by the collapse in fish stocks.

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How you can help stop overfishing