Beim Schmetterlings-Memory ist ein gutes Gedächtnis gefragt.

Discover local biodiversity

Experience and discover local biodiversity

In summer, the pond in the Mühlendorf village is full of life. But where do all the frogs and turtles go in winter? If you have ever asked yourself this question, you will find the answer behind a flap on a green panel. All discovery stations are designed in the same lush green colour and feature a distinctive yellow plaque, which indicates the group of animals you can learn about there.

Trees, birds and grass snakes

Twelve panels dotted around the park inform guests about prominent tree species at Hellabrunn Zoo, such as the sycamore, the weeping beech and the small-leaved lime. Two grass snake stations provide information on reptiles native to Bavaria. At the three feeding stations for wild birds in the zoo, bird books present information on the most frequent feathered visitors to the feeding stations. There is also a bird song station that gives further insight into the world of birds. Here you can turn a crank and listen to the calls of 27 local bird species, and, with a bit of luck, you may be able to recognise some of these vocalisations elsewhere in the zoo.

Das Schild zu den Ringelnattern ist mit dem bronzenen Schlangenkopf was zum Anfassen.

Conspicuous and stealthy winged wildlife

Native birds are not the only creatures that fly through the animal park. There are also many colourful, white, yellow and, above all, conspicuous butterflies. At our interactive station, visitors can get to know a small selection of our native butterfly species. Once the species have been identified and compared, it is just a matter of noting them so that they can be easily identified the next time you see one flying in the zoo.

The bats at the zoo, on the other hand, tend to move around stealthily. They only fly at night when all the visitors have left the zoo. They like to hibernate in log piles, such as found in the Mühlendorf village. Here a sign informs guests what to do if a bat is found in among the logs.

Das grünfarbene Schild bietet Besuchern interesannte Fakten über die Fledermaus zum Lesen.