[Translate to English:] Marc Müller beim Fotografieren der Giraffen.

Photography and filming at Hellabrunn Zoo

  1. Photography and filming for personal use are welcome. However, visitors must not leave the designated footpath.
  2. Hellabrunn Zoo offers a selection of pictures and press releases to the press for download. These can be used free of charge, provided they are used solely for editorial purposes and the copyright holder "Münchner Tierpark Hellabrunn" is credited. Any other use is excluded. If you have any further questions or would like to request an interview, please contact the press office.
  3. Photography and filming for editorial purposes must be requested and approved by press office.
  4. Publication on other sites (incl. social media): Photos and videos may be published on other websites, provided the copyright holder "Münchner Tierpark Hellabrunn" is credited. The images may not be used for any commercial purpose or sold without prior consent. If you would like to sell or use "Münchner Tierpark Hellabrunn" images for commercial purposes, please contact the press office.
  5. Commercial photography and filming require the prior written consent of Münchener Tierpark Hellabrunn AG (Hellabrunn Zoo). Please contact the press office about obtaining a commercial photography permit.

Holders of a valid press card issued by a domestic or foreign journalists association are granted free admission to Hellabrunn Zoo after accreditation.

Accreditation form for journalists