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Disabled visitor services

Hellabrunn Zoo offers visitors with disabilities an exciting day out with animals, nature and culture.

Day ticket and annual pass prices with disability ID card

If you are entitled to free admission according to the following table, we will not issue a day ticket or annual pass if you present your disability ID card – the original document, not the digital form.

1-Day ticket for child with disabilities (ID required) Free admission
1-Day ticket for adult with disabilities (under 90% degree of disability - ID required) 13,00 €
Annual pass for adult with disabilities (up to 90% degree of disability - ID required) 49,00 €

Accompanying person

An accompanying person receives free entry regardless of the degree of disability, for children (with disability ID card) up to 14 years or with an ID card bearing the letter "B".

Disabled parking spaces

There are designated disabled parking spaces at both zoo entrances.

P1 car park (Tierparkstraße, near the Isar entrance) is operated by the Bavarian Red Cross. There you can park free of charge in the designated disabled parking spaces by displaying a disabled parking permit (original) so that it is clearly visible in the car.

For P2 car park (Siebenbrunner Straße, near the Flamingo entrance), the parking fee can be waived at the ticket office on the day of your visit if you present the parking token and a valid disability ID card with photo (classified “H”, “aG” or “Bl”) - the original document, not the digital form. Please note that for the car park barrier to open on leaving the zoo, you still need to insert the token into the parking machine so that it is activated for free exit.

Wheelchair hire

We have a limited number of wheelchairs, which we are happy to lend to you free of charge at the Isar Service Center,

provided you reserve your wheelchair at least 2 days before your visit. For reservations, please call +49 (0)89 62508-91 or send an email to tierpark@hellabrunn.de. If you arrive without a reservation, you are welcome to speak to us at the Isar Service Center about availability.

You can contact us from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm.

Disabled toilets

There are a total of six accessible toilet facilities throughout the park, each with a disabled toilet. The toilets in the Mühlendorf village also include a changing facility that can also be used for adults. Our disabled toilets are marked on the zoo map.

Paths for wheelchairs and walking aids

Most paths in the park are suitable for wheelchairs, walkers and Delta rollators. However, there are still sections (e.g. in Mühlendorf village) that have cobblestones. We are planning to gradually replace these sections of path with accessible walkways.

E-mobility scooter hire

More information

Clear view into all enclosures

Our enclosures are designed so that children sitting in pull-along wagons and pushchairs, as well as wheelchair users have a clear view into all the enclosures. The aquarium is located in the basement and can only be reached via the stairs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to install a lift here as it is listed as a building of historic interest.

Rest benches

There are numerous benches available throughout the park, most with backrests.

Food and drink

You will find kiosks and cafés with a wide range of snacks and drinks dotted around zoo. If you are looking for a proper lunch, our Zoo Restaurant offers delicious food and a great place to rest and recharge your batteries during your tour. The restaurant has a wheelchair ramp to ensure access for all visitors.