[Translate to English:] Der Eisbäre, der aus Wasser springt, steht für den Förderkreis Hellabrunns.

Corporate sponsor circle

Hellabrunn Zoo attracts over 2.6 million visitors each year and promotes topical issues such as species conservation, environmental education and sustainability - an ideal platform for companies to showcase their values as donors. Since 1973, many well-known companies and personalities have supported the zoo financially as members of the sponsor circle.

Thanks to this generous support, the zoo has been able to continue its important work on the conservation of endangered species and realise building projects to modernise the enclosures.

Annual donations from €600 to the Hellabrunn Sponsor Circle

  • We issue a tax-deductible donation receipt.
  • The name of your company will be mentioned in the zoo's annual report and on the sponsor circle page of the two information monitors at the zoo; we can also display your company logo.
  • We invite you to the Sponsor Circle Annual Meeting at Hellabrunn Zoo.
  • The sponsor circle donation seal can be used on your company website and as an email boilerplate.
  • Companies can deduct donations of up to 20% of their total taxable income per year.

Join us and become a member of this dedicated community!
Click here for the Declaration of Support

More information is available from the sponsor circle office:

Office hours: currently only available by e-mail
E-Mail: foerderkreis@hellabrunn.de

E-mail to the Fördekreis office

The advantages for your company

Local ties

As a sponsor, your company will benefit from an association with the widely recognised name of Hellabrunn Zoo. By giving a donation, you can show your customers, business partners and employees your connection to the local community in a meaningful way.

Positive image

It is important for the credibility of a company to be able to show that its donation commitment actually has a positive effect. At Hellabrunn Zoo, 100 per cent of your donation goes directly to enclosure improvement and new construction projects for the welfare of the animals. This direct impact of your donation will create a positive image - text and pictures - in your company communications.
Fundraising projects


Companies can rest assured that their donation - especially for special sponsor circle fundraising projects - will be used as intended. Employees and customers can see how the donation commitment is benefiting the zoo at any time.

Social responsibility

As sponsors of the zoo, companies are engaged in topical issues such as species conservation, environmental education and sustainability. In doing so, they demonstrate their social responsibility as entrepreneurs (corporate social responsibility). Since the zoo supports species protection projects worldwide, your local commitment also has an international impact.

Donate without risk

Hellabrunn Zoo is a non-profit organisation with a clear vision and long-term strategy. This gives companies a high degree of assurance regarding how their donations will be used.

Other sponsorship opportunities at Hellabrunn Zoo:

A liszt monkey sits on a branch.
Donate by bank transfer

Every donation helps Hellabrunn fulfil its many tasks

A meerkat keeps watch for the group on a stone. In the background you can see the giraffes on their outdoor enclosure.
Adopt an animal

Become a sponsor of your favourite animal


Become a corporate sponsor and see your company benefit from Hellabrunn Zoo’s positive image