[Translate to English:] Der Eisbär, der aus dem Wasser springt, steht für den Förderkreis Hellabrunns.

Association of sponsors

Many friends of the zoo support Hellabrunn with an annual donation, which gives them membership to the Hellabrunn Sponsor Circle. Thanks to this financial support, the zoo has been able to realise building improvement projects to modernise several of the enclosures at the zoo.

One hundred per cent of all monies donated via the sponsor circle goes to enclosure improvement and new construction projects at the zoo. This ensures your entire donation goes to the welfare of the animals at the zoo.

You can support the zoo by donating as little as €80 euros per year. Your financial contribution will be displayed under the relevant sponsor circle fundraising project. This way you can see and experience the benefit of your support for yourself. -> Fundraising projects

The sponsor circle event calendar and periodic newsletter (via email) keep you up-to-date and always in touch with what is happening at the zoo. -> Event calendar

The Hellabrunn Sponsor Circle (Förderkreis Hellabrunn) was launched in 1973 as an initiative of the then-Mayor of the City of Munich, Georg Kronawitter. Over the years its members, which include many well-known personalities, institutions and companies, have given the zoo both moral and financial support.

Join us and become a member of this dedicated community!
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Opening of the goat petting enclosure
Opening of the goat petting enclosure: The renovation was supported by the Sponsor circle. From left: Munich's 3rd Mayor Verena Dietl and Zoo Director Rasem Baban.

For an annual donation from €80 you can

  • book special, discounted tours
  • attend interesting lecture evenings
  • take part in excursions outside the zoo
  • participate in sponsor circle events
  • subscribe to the sponsor circle newsletter
  • receive mention in the Hellabrunn Zoo Annual Report

You will receive a donation receipt for the amount donated. By the way, this zoo support can also be given as a gift!

More information is available from the sponsor circle office:

Office hours: currently only available by e-mail
E-Mail: foerderkreis@hellabrunn.de

E-mail to the Fördekreis office
Eine Mähnenrobbe sitzt auf einem Felsen.

Fundraising projects

Every year, the sponsor circle supports a fundraising project. Thanks to its support over the decades, the zoo has been able to realise many construction projects to modernise existing enclosures and build new ones. These include

  • sun shade sail for the South American sea lion enclosure,
  • equipment for the converted wolf enclosure,
  • new climbing frame in the silvery gibbons’ outdoor enclosure,
  • technical upgrade for the reef tank in the Jungle Pavilion,
  • mechanical feeding tree for the Giraffe Savannah,
  • steel feed balls for the elephants and
  • resting and viewing platform for the tigers.

See for yourself what could be achieved with your financial support at Hellabrunn Zoo! The fundraising projects are marked with a sponsor circle sign at the respective animal enclosures.

Event calendar

Hellabrunn would like to thank you for your support with a programme of events specially put together for the sponsor circle. This allows you to experience many behind-the-scenes adventures the zoo.

Due to the current situation, the upcoming sponsor circle events will be announced on a short-term basis on the Hellabrunn Zoo website and in our newsletter instead of the annual programme.

Register at foederkreis@hellabrunn.de


Zoo-Guide Ilse Tutter erläutert einer Gruppe interessante Fakten zu den Tieren in Hellabrunn.
Leadership for support group

General Conditions of Participation and Cancellation:

Participation is only open to sponsor circle members plus one companion. Each event can only accommodate a limited number of participants - depending on the type of event. Participation will be confirmed in the order in which registrations are received. The participation fee is discounted for sponsor circle members. Companions who are not members of the sponsor circle pay the normal price.

Once your registration has been approved, we will send you written confirmation. About two weeks before the event, you will receive an email from the sponsor circle office with all relevant information (how to get there, meeting point, etc.); for events that require a participation fee, you will also receive a payment request.

Participants without a valid annual pass, must also pay for admission to the zoo in addition to the participation fee, at a group rate of €13. This is only valid for the duration of the respective tour and is not a day ticket.
Cancellation is free of charge provided that the request is received in writing up to eight days before the event. For cancellation requests received less than 8 days before the event, we charge the full price. Cancellation requests must be made in writing via email, fax or post.