Hellabrunner Naturschutz AG is an in-house conservation team committed to promoting nature conservation in the zoological gardens. The team consists of dedicated employees from all departments: animal care, gardening, zoology, environmental education, workshop and the Zoo School. Its responsibilities include determining which animals and plants at Hellabrunn are worthy of protection. The variety of native birds, for example, can easily be identified; all that is required is wide open eyes and ears. A bird count is conducted annually with the help of trainees.

Ein Nistkasten.

Practical conservation

The Naturschutz AG’s duties include feeding the birds in winter, annual cleaning of the many nesting boxes, building new insect nesting aids and maintaining the bumblebee hotels. During spring and summer, they also lure the common swifts, a species often spotted in the zoo, to the new nesting site at the Zoo School building by playing the birds’ characteristic calls there.

Ein Hummelkasten.

Voluntary support

In the course of its work, Naturschutz AG relies on the support of trainees, conservation ambassador volunteers and pupils visiting the Zoo School. Some projects may also involve cooperation with external experts and organisations such as the German Wildlife Foundation.