Artic Fox

Vulpes lagopus

[Translate to English:] IUCN Red List endangerment category: Least concern
  • Family
    Canidae (canines)
  • Weight
    5 – 6 kg
  • Habitat
    Arctic coastal regions, Arctic tundra

Home is the far north

The Arctic fox is found in all Arctic areas of the northern hemisphere. They live in the tundra, a treeless area between the Arctic ice cap and the tree line of the boreal forest. Arctic foxes will occasionally follow polar bears on the hunt to scavenge on the leftovers of their prey. As a result of this pursuit, Arctic foxes are often observed on the pack ice and even the North Pole.

A sitting arctic fox looks into the left corner of the picture.

Warm feet

Vulpes lagopus, the Latin name for Arctic fox, means hare-footed fox. This is because its paw pads are covered in thick fur, similar to that of the mountain hare. The fur gives the fox warmth and traction, allowing it to dash across loose snow without slipping or sinking.

To protect against freezing, Arctic foxes have a soft, winter coat comprising a thick undercoat and outer coat of long hair.


Distribution Arctic Fox