The new year 2024 brings new animals to Hellabrunn Zoo. They include two female Bactrian camels, a pair of Arctic foxes, a Przewalski mare, a male lynx and a sloth. Some of the animals have been living at the zoo for a few weeks, but can only now be seen by visitors. Even when it’s cold outside, a winter walk through the zoo is worthwhile.

Hellabrunn Zoo’s newest resident is Rems, the lynx. The male wild cat arrived from Riga last week and is currently settling in to his new enclosure. He has already seen the zoo’s female lynx, but it will take a while before the two can live together. If they get along well, there is a chance that the pair may produce offspring.

There are also new residents in the zoo’s Polar World: an Arctic fox couple moved in at the end of December. The two get along very well, so it will come as no surprise if they produce pups in the near future.

“I am delighted with our many new arrivals. I look forward to seeing whether we can expect offspring in the near future, especially with our lynx pair. There is also the opportunity to actively participate in the conservation of this endangered cat species by releasing it into the wild,” said zoo director Rasem Baban.

Other new arrivals include two new female Bactrian camels. The two-humped mammals, who have been living at Hellabrunn Zoo for the past few weeks, can now be seen in the enclosure next to the main communal enclosure for Bactrian camels and Przewalski's horses. The new arrivals and the existing animals in the main enclosure are still getting used to each other. The zoo has also added a new mare to its Przewalski’s horse group.

A visit to Hellabrunn Zoo in winter is a great way to get out into nature and discover amazing animals. Even when it’s cold outside, you can enjoy unforgettable adventures in the many warm animal houses or take a long walk through the beautiful Isar Meadows on the zoo grounds. Mayor and chair of the supervisory board Verena Dietl and director Rasem Baban were impressed last week: “I particularly liked the magical atmosphere in the large aviary. I highly recommend everyone to wrap up warm and visit our beautiful zoo in Munich during the winter. Seeing the animals brings lots of joy, especially when the sun comes out.”

Should you need to warm up during your tour, it's worth visiting the Rhino House. There you will discover another new arrival: the male sloth Flash, who is currently settling in to his new home. In a few days he will get to know the other animals in the facility. Other places to warm up include the Zoo Restaurant, which is open all day even in the winter months, and the village shop in the Mühlendorf. On the way there, it's worth taking a look at the dama gazelle enclosure, as a blue crane has just moved in there.

Ein Zwei-Finger Faultier im Tierpark Hellabrunn
Male two-toed sloth in the Hellabrunn Rhino House (Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn / Jan Saurer)
Rasem Baban and Verena Dietl taking a walk in the winter aviary at Hellabrunn Zoo
Rasem Baban and Verena Dietl taking a walk in the winter aviary at Hellabrunn Zoo (Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn / Jan Saurer)
Lynx tomcat in newly designed enclosure at Hellabrunn Zoo
Lynx tomcat in newly designed enclosure at Hellabrunn Zoo (Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn / Jan Saurer)