Developed by the Munich-based system manufacturer Peter Park, the digital solution eliminates the need for stopping when entering and exiting the car park as the period parked is automatically recorded with license plate recognition technology, in accordance with GDPR. By automating its parking space management and processes, the zoo now offers visitors a much smoother and customer-friendly parking experience, especially on busy weekends and public holidays. Searching for a parking space and figuring out the complicated rates are considered unavoidable burdens by many drivers. Hellabrunn Zoo has therefore implemented measures to make parking in the P2 car park on Siebenbrunner Straße as smooth and convenient as possible. On 30 March, the zoo launched a new, digital and barrier-free parking system in P2. Developed by the company Peter Park, the system records the license plate number of a vehicle and the time it enters and exits the car park, thus determining the period parked. The digital recording technology eliminates the need for stopping at the car park barrier and waiting for it to open. Payment can be made with the Easy Park smartphone app or alternatively by card or with coins at the parking machine - the official vehicle registration number must be entered in each case. Conventional paper tickets or plastic coins are no longer required, which significantly reduces costs, waste and stress in the event a parking card is lost.

Automatic license plate recognition without permanent recording

With the new service provider, the vehicle's license plate number is automatically scanned when entering and exiting the car park and the beginning of the parking period is stored after a grace period of 15 minutes. Permanent video recording does not take place and it is also not possible to tell who is sitting in the vehicle at the commencement of the parking period. The license plate recognition works in the dark and therefore operates just as well in the evening with the help of infrared support. All image recordings of the license plate and text files with time and date stamps can only be viewed by the parking space operators. After completing the parking process and paying the fee, the data will be automatically deleted. The license plate is read in accordance with Art. 6 (1)(f) GDPR.

Smoother parking and transparent flat day rate

For zoo director Rasem Baban, the advantages of the new parking system are obvious: "Especially now that the weather is beginning to improve, the high volume of traffic shows us how important a modern parking system is for us as a zoo. Our guests arriving by car will benefit significantly from the new system thanks to the elimination of parking coins, the payment options available and the reduced backlog when entering and exiting. With Peter Park, we have an experienced partner at our side who offers convenient parking thanks to their expertise in digital license plate recognition and automated processes. However, the price of €6 for 24 hours remains unchanged.”

Maximilian Schlereth, managing director of Peter Park System GmbH, is also pleased with the cooperation with Hellabrunn Zoo and the installation of the intelligent parking space management system: "We are aware of the high volume of traffic around the zoo and are glad we can help ensure a pleasant visit to the zoo with a comfortable parking experience with our system. Our digital parking management system is particularly suited for high-traffic areas, as it offers guests a seamless and convenient parking experience. In this way, we do our part to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable day at the zoo from arrival to departure. And no one has to worry about their data privacy, because detailed queries are only made to the Federal Motor Transport Authority if there is a parking violation, such as non-payment of the fee or if the maximum parking time of 24 hours is exceeded."

Visitors arriving by car can obtain more information about the new parking system in the P2 car park at