Services for visitors with disabilities

Hellabrunn Zoo offers visitors with disabilities an exciting day out with animals, nature and culture.

Admission Prices

1-Day ticket for adult with disabilities (up to 90% degree of disability - ID required) 11,00 €
Annual pass for adult with disabilities (up to 90% degree of disability - ID required) 42,00 €
1-Day ticket for child with disabilities (up to 90% degree of disability - ID required) Free admission


Disabled parking
Disabled parking spaces are available near both entrances of the zoo. Diabled visitors can get their parking fees neutralised to 0,00 €, when producing the parking coin (for parking lot 2) and a valid 'disabled card' (including photo) at the cash registers at the entrances on the same day. Please note: The coin has to be inserted into the parking ticket machine at the parking lot n° 2 prior to departure in order to fully cancel the parking fees. Afterwards the barrier will open.


Wheelchair rental
As a result of the corona pandemic, there is currently no rental of wheelchairs and carts.

Disabled toilets
Hellabrunn has six toilet facilities with wheelchair access situated throughout the zoo, each with a disabled toilet. The disabled toilet in the Mühlendorf area offers a diaper changing facility for adult handicaped people.

Locations of disabled toilets:

Paths for wheelchairs and walking aids
Most of the paths in the zoo are suitable for wheelchairs, rollators and mobility scooters. However, there are still a few routes that are paved with old cobblestones, such as by the Kids Zoo and between the baboon enclosure and polar bear enclosure. We continue to work to replace these remaining paths with wheelchair-accessible paving.

Unhindered views into all enclosures
Even the little ones sitting in pushchairs or pull along carts and wheelchair users can enjoy unhindered views into all enclosures.

Numerous benches to relax
There are many benches positioned all over the zoo. Most have backrests.

Food and drink
Feeling peckish? Then find one of the many kiosks dotted around the zoo offering a variety of tasty snacks. If you need a full lunch you can try our zoo restaurant. The restaurant features a warm, cosy interior and a wheelchair ramp to make it easy for everyone to get inside and find a sit.