Steffi the elephant passes away

Steffi the elephant passed away on Wednesday, 7 March at the age of 52. The beloved elephant’s health began to decline in recent weeks: she lost enormous weight and became increasingly weaker. On Wednesday morning, Steffi was so frail as she lay in her enclosure that the internal ethics committee decided to relieve her of further suffering by putting her to sleep.

Steffi’s health began to deteriorate at the beginning of the year. For the past few weeks, she had been eating less and less food and become increasingly weaker. She also often separated from the group. While the other elephants spent hours in the outdoor enclosure, Steffi would remain inside. The vets at Hellabrunn Zoo provided her with intensive care, but despite this the 52-year-old showed no sign of improvement. Steffi became so weak that even though she was often exhausted she would barely lay down - because of the great difficulty she would have to stand back up.

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The Geo-zoo concept

The Munich Zoo Hellabrunn was founded in 1911 as the first Geo-zoo worldwide. The animals live according to their geographic distribution in complex communities.

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Hellabrunn’s Species Conservation Center

Hellabrunn’s Species Conservation Center is a unique forum where zoo visitors can access an amazing amount of information about the zoo’s many projects.

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