Baby polar bear’s got bite

For the past 50 days since giving birth, polar bear mum Giovanna has been snuggling with her cub inside Hellabrunn’s mothering den. During this time, the baby polar bear has not only grown in size and weight, but also made its first attempts to crawl. The little cub has also begun to pester mum more and more.

Although not yet able to walk, one can increasingly observe the baby polar bear positioning itself on all fours and attempt to crawl back and forth between mum’s big paws and her teats.

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The Geo-zoo concept

The Munich Zoo Hellabrunn was founded in 1911 as the first Geo-zoo worldwide. The animals live according to their geographic distribution in complex communities.

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Hellabrunn’s Species Conservation Center

Hellabrunn’s Species Conservation Center is a unique forum where zoo visitors can access an amazing amount of information about the zoo’s many projects.

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