Mourning at Hellabrunn Zoo

On Maundy Thursday, 13 April, our beloved polar bear dad Yoghi died unexpectedly at Hellabrunn Zoo.

Last weekend a heavily bleeding wound was discovered on Hellabrunn’s seventeen-year-old male polar bear. An emergency operation was subsequently performed by the vets who were able to successfully stop the bleeding. However the results of blood tests from the procedure showed, among other things, end-stage kidney disease. In the days that followed, Yoghi was placed under constant observation, with intensive care provided by his keepers and the veterinarian Team.

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The Geo-zoo concept

The Munich Zoo Hellabrunn was founded in 1911 as the first Geo-zoo worldwide. The animals live according to their geographic distribution in complex communities.

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Hellabrunn’s Species Conservation Center

Hellabrunn’s Species Conservation Center is a unique forum where zoo visitors can access an amazing amount of information about the zoo’s many projects.

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