Marbled Teal

Marmaronetta angustirostris

In the picture you can see a marbled teal running over a paved stone floor. In the background is a green bush. IUCN Red List endangerment category: Vulnerable
  • Family
    Ducks (Anatidae)
  • Weight
    ø 540 g
  • Habitat
    Ponds, lagoons and lakes

Matching couple

Unlike many other duck species, male and female marbled ducks exhibit no difference in plumage. In addition, the males do not acquire the typical colourful breeding plumage during the mating season.  Males are slightly larger than females and have a longer crest. They also acquire blue bands on their beaks during the mating season.

A marbled teal is in profile.

A female can do it on her own

The marbled duck can typically be found in shallow fresh or brackish lakes, ponds or lagoons in regions that are otherwise dry. The female builds the nest on the ground in dense vegetation. She incubates the eggs on her own, while the male leaves to form loose swarms with other drakes.

The draining of wetlands and modern agriculture practices have destroyed half of the marble duck’s breeding grounds