Silvery Gibbon

Hylobates moloch



5-7 kg

tropical rainforests on Java


Highly Endangered Primate

The silvery gibbon is one of the most threatened primate species and is listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List. 

A characteristic of all gibbon species is the loud song that they sing to mark their territories.

Breathtaking Acrobats

Silvery gibbons are true acrobatic artists. Their arms, which can grow to two and a half times the length of their torso, and their so-called arm-swinging technique allow them to cross distances of up to ten metres through branches.

Silvery gibbons can grip just as well with their feet as they can with their hands. They have an articulated big toe which takes on the function of a thumb.


Monogamous Vegetarians

Silvery gibbon pairs stay together for life and live monogamously in a family group with their immature offspring. Females give birth to a baby approx. every three years after a gestation period of seven months.

Silvery gibbons are predominantly vegetarian and eat fruit, vegetables and foliage.

Conservation status