Lost Property at Hellabrunn Zoo

I have lost an item

Have you lost an item at the zoo? Chances are someone may have found it and handed it in. If you would like to be reunited with your lost item the best way to proceed is to go to the Service Center at the Isar entrance and enquire if your item has been handed in. You can also call our service hotline for lost property.

I have found an item
Have you found an item belonging to someone else? If you would like to reunite the item with its rightful owner then please hand the item found to a member of staff at Hellabrunn Zoo. Better still, you can hand it in directly at the Service Centre/Lost Property Office at the Isar entrance or Flamingo entrance.

Lost property hotline: +49(0)89 62508-91, Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm