Warm, cosy winter home for African Meerkats

The meerkats at Hellabrunn Zoo now live in a cosy, winter home with rock features, where they are able to keep warm just like in their natural habitat in southern Africa, even when the temperature drops below zero.

Copyright Hellabrunn / Marc Müller

Copyright Hellabrunn / Sebastian Widmann

Visitors to Hellabrunn Zoo now have an opportunity to see the meerkats Isido, Fela and Falouk in winter. The new meerkat winter home in the African Giraffe Savannah offers an insight into the cosy, very warm den through a glass panel. Inside the den, the animals that are normally bathed in sunshine in their African habitat also feel quite at home in Munich during winter. 

"Since meerkats are one of my favourite small animals at Hellabrunn, I am delighted that the winter house now allows us to offer the African sun worshipers a cosy home, especially during colder months," says Christine Strobl, Deputy Mayor and Chairman of Hellabrunn Zoo. "I love watching the animals balancing on their tails under the sun lamps."

Isido, Fela and Falouk can now also be seen more often in the morning and evening in the outdoor enclosure where the three sit together on a heated rock. And whenever it is too cold outside, they can slip through a small tunnel into their new winter home.

"The meerkats can now choose between the warm interior of the new winter house or the outdoor enclosure, depending on their mood and the temperature," says zoo director Rasem Baban, who has long been committed to enabling visitors to see the popular small predators in winter. "The new home has several heat lamps, a ceiling heater and underfloor heating that ensure it stays nice and warm even in the depths of winter."

Hellabrunn's three meerkats were born at Opel Zoo in Kronberg im Taunus and arrived in Munich in 2013 when the African Giraffe Savannah was opened.