Hellabrunn Zoo launches endowment fund

Hellabrunn Zoo, in cooperation with the Stadtsparkasse Munich bank, has set up an endowment fund for the specific purpose of securing the zoo for future generations. On 6 October, Ralf Fleischer, chairman of the board of Stadtsparkasse Munich, presented the certificate to Hellabrunn's zoo director Rasem Baban.

Ralf Fleischer (rechts), Vorsitzender des Vorstandes der Stadtsparkasse München, übereicht die Urkunde an den Hellabrunner Direktor Rasem Baban. Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn / Marc Müller

The Hellabrunn Zoo Endowment Fund was launched to support the maintenance and modernisation of the facilities at the zoo. The endowment fund will be managed by the Stadtsparkasse Munich bank, where it is bundled together with other foundation funds under the bank's "Together Doing Good" initiative.

The special feature of a foundation is that the principal amount of the donation paid in by the donor will not be touched. Funds for the purpose of carrying out the recipient’s mission are derived solely from investment income. This means that the funds required to realise the objectives of the foundation must first be earned. A foundation is therefore particularly suitable for securing a steady income for the long term, enabling the permanent realisation of a personal will and the support of non-profit objectives.

This also applies for the Hellabrunn Zoo Endowment Fund. Donations to this fund are accepted from a four-figure sum or higher. This raises the level of assets in the Hellabrunn Zoo Endowment Fund and thus the generation of income from the principal amount available for investment. The investment income is then paid to the zoo on an annual basis. A donation to the endowment food thus provides ongoing support for the objectives of the zoo and will be used solely for the welfare of the animals, new facilities and wildlife conservation work at Hellabrunn.

"With the Hellabrunn Zoo Endowment Fund, we offer supporters of the zoo a new opportunity to support the zoo in the long term. By making a contribution, the donor can be assured his or her assets will remain invested permanently and the income realised will only be used for the benefit of the zoo and its animals," says zoo director Rasem Baban.

Ralf Fleischer, chairman of the Stadtsparkasse Munich bank adds: "We are particularly pleased that the zoo is involved in our customer foundation initiative and is able to use it to acquire funds for the zoo. "Together Doing Good" - a customer foundation initative of the Stadtsparkasse Munich bank - is a sustainable future-oriented project, which allows people in Munich to set up or have their funds placed in a foundation - irrespective of the amount of assets they have. With the Hellabrunn Zoo Endowment Fund we can achieve more together and actively support the zoo with the income and donations."

"Stadtsparkasse Munich is a long-standing sponsor that has supported the zoo on a variety of projects such as the construction of the Giraffe Savannah and we have again gained its support as a reliable partner for the endowment fund," explains Rasem Baban, on the benefits of the cooperation. The joint effort sees Stadtsparkasse Munich and Hellabrunn Zoo expand their successful partnership for a secure future.

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