Hellabrunn Zoo giraffes get a lively companion

Hellabrunn Zoo is delighted to welcome Baridi, a two-year-old female giraffe, who arrived last week from Cologne Zoo. She wasted no time in exploring her new home, moving around the giraffe enclosure with a self-assured attitude.

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn / Daniela Hierl

Last week Monday, Baridi the giraffe arrived in Munich. Her arrival was slightly delayed by the evening traffic. The elegant, rather dark reticulated giraffe spent her first night in her new stall, which although separate from the other female giraffes, allowed her to have eye contact with them. Since then, Baridi has settled in nicely and all four giraffes appear to be getting on well and spend time together in the enclosure. As the giraffes in the all-female group at the zoo have different personalities, the keepers adopt a cautious approach when introducing a new arrival into the group.

At present, there are many giraffes in European zoos. When a new birth is added to the zoo population, this makes it difficult to find a home in another zoo for the young calf. The all-female group at Hellabrunn Zoo offers the possibility for other European zoos to find a home for offspring like Baridi. The formation of same-sex groups is a natural behaviour exhibited by giraffes in the wild. The decision to keep an all-female group at Hellabrunn not only offers an important contribution to the European Conservation Programme (EEP), but also helps to control the births of giraffes living in zoos in Europe.

Since the opening of the Giraffe Savannah in May 2013, the giraffes at Hellabrunn have been living in a spacious environment with a total area of approx. 10,000 m². The enclosure includes a visitors' platform, from which animal lovers can observe the tall, elegant animals at eye level when they eat from their feeding trough. The giraffe's long neck, which developed over the course of evolution, offers them a great advantage - they can reach feeding areas that are inaccessible to other animals.

Hellabrunn Zoo now once again has four female reticulated giraffes: in addition to the new arrival Baridi, the other female residents are Taziyah, Bahati and Makena. Another female is expected to arrive in Munich next year.

The giraffes currently living at Hellabrunn Zoo are:

Born 30.12.2014 at Cologne Zoo
At Hellabrunn since: 11 September 2017

Born 26.08.2011 in Frankfurt Zoo, female
At Hellabrunn Zoo since: 2013

Born 12.06.2013 at Brno Zoo/Czech Republic, female
At Hellabrunn Zoo since: 4 September 2015

Born 11.02.2015 at Duisburg Zoo, female
At Hellabrunn Zoo since: 28. September 2016