It's a new season at Hellabrunn!

The temperature is rising, flowers bloom and birds build their nests: the arrival of spring at Hellabrunn also coincides with the start of the spring/summer opening hours at the zoo. From 1 April, the zoo is open until 6 pm.

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn

There are plenty of new and exciting things to discover at Hellabrunn at the start of the new season. This includes the revamped "climbing islands" in the small monkey outdoor enclosure. The islands now feature new trees and trunks and has been extended so that the siamangs now have several islands and new climbing routes to explore. In addition, the islands' shore edges have been naturally greened. As a result, they now offer a suitable area for native amphibians and insects to settle.

Likewise, there are new tree trunks in the baboon outdoor enclosure, and the chimpanzees and gorillas are now able to venture outside again. "When spring arrives, the warmth-loving primates venture out again into their outdoor enclosures to enjoy the first rays of sunshine," says zoo director Rasem Baban." Since the thermometer has begun to show pleasant temperatures, visitors have been able to see the orangutan baby boys Quentin and Quinn and their mum from time to time in their outdoor enclosure."

Quintana, the polar bear cub, is also enjoying the first days of spring to the fullest. The little polar bear plays all day long in the tundra enclosure, including rolling around in the grass - so that by the afternoon she is unrecognisable as a polar bear, because her coat is so dirty. "Quintana loves to throw herself in the water and wallow in the sand or grass," says curator Beatrix Köhler. "And you can certainly tell! Nonetheless, when she leaves the family house in the morning, she will be spotless white again."

Naturally visitors can also meet some of the first baby animals to be born in 2017, including a few pygmy goat kids, a ring-tailed lemur infant, four mara babies, several antelopes, a Mishmi takin and a banteng calf. "In addition, the flamingos are already busy buidling nests. However it is not clear at this stage if and when chicks will hatch there," says curator Frank Müller.

Since his return to Hellabrunn, Gajendra, the elephant bull, has been getting to know the new Elephant House. In the coming days, he will also be on view in the outdoor enclosure. "We are already excited about when Gajendra will test the wading pool in the outdoor bull enclosure first time," adds Baban.

Furthermore, in the coming days the moat of the outdoor enclosure will be refilled with water. The moat is drained and cleaned during winter. Hellabrunn's many spring flowers complete the beautiful atmosphere at the zoo.

Opening hours at Hellabrunn Zoo: From 1 April to 30 October 2017: 9am - 6pm.