Rasem Baban appointed new director of Hellabrunn Zoo

Rasem Baban has been appointed zoo director of Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, effective 1 August. The former Deputy Director of Leipzig Zoo has big plans for Hellabrunn.

On the one hand, he plans to continue the zoo's successful direction, on the other incorporate fresh ideas to launch new innovations: Rasem Baban will commence his appointment as zoo director in Munich on 1 August. His plans include the further development of the zoo as an attractive leisure destination with an ambitious educational programme as well as enhance the reputation of Hellabrunn Zoo in Germany and around the world.


"Hellabrunn Zoo is the first GeoZoo in the world. It established itself through the innovative approach of organising animals by continent, instead of taxonomic group. Now I want to develop the Zoo in Munich into a "biodiverse GeoZoo". The conservation of species, animals and the environment and the interaction of man and nature will play a key role. Firstly, visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy a multi-sensory experience with exotic and native animals. Secondly, I would also like to enable our zoo visitors to take what they have learned about the animals and the various conservation projects home with them," says zoo director Rasem Baban.


The new boss at Hellabrunn Zoo will continue to pursue the objectives and development plan drafted in 2011. The next milestone is already on course: the renovation and redesign of the Elephant House. "Even the Children's Zoo, which was built in the 70s, needs a complete overhaul. With the Mill Farm project, I aim to create a brand new recreational facility for our little visitors, and big ones too. Here children will be able to learn about biodiversity in a facility that forms a bridge between tradition and the future," adds Rasem Baban.


The 48-year-old has a successful track record of construction projects: At Leipzig Zoo, he previously worked as a project manager on the Gondwanaland, a 16,500 m2 tropical house, which houses 90 species. His last major project for Leipzig Zoo was the re-opening of the Flamingo Lagoon in July 2014.


Born in Mannheim, Baban studied architecture at the University of Trier. He has worked as a project manager, architect and consultant for various companies. From 2002 to July 2014, he was employed at the Zoological Garden Leipzig GmbH, where he was promoted to Deputy Director within a few years. Rasem Baban is married and the father of three children.