Easter at Hellabrunn Zoo

Easter preparations are in full swing at the Munich zoo: In the week before Easter, the keepers will be given a helping hand by visitors attending the craft workshop for animal enrichment toys. On Easter Sunday and Monday, 27-28 March, the objects created will then be hidden in the animal enclosures as surprises. Happy Easter for the residents of Hellabrunn Zoo!

There is a lot on offer in the first week of the school holidays and the Easter weekend at Hellabrunn Zoo: The zoo will host its first-ever craft workshop in which visitors big and small can create animal enrichment toys and sweet treats with the help of zookeepers. The workshop will be held from Tuesday, 22 March to Saturday, 26 March, between 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, inviting participants to make enrichment toys and sweets for animals such as polar bears, monkeys and lions. The meeting point for the workshop is in front of the Giraffe House in the Giraffe Savannah.

On Easter Sunday and Monday, the enrichment toys and sweet treats created will then be hidden in different enclosures. They present new challenges and entertainment for the zoo residents and are therefore important ingredients in Hellabrunn’s animal enrichment programme. Unlike animals living in the wild, the inhabitants of the zoo do not have to go for hours on end in an arduous search of food. Likewise the need to search for a partner and to defend one’s territory becomes redundant. Zoo animals therefore require an alternative stimulus to keep them busy. Examples of animal enrichment include hiding food throughout the enclosure and placing meals inside puzzle containers, thus encouraging the animal to use its natural foraging behaviour to access the food, which makes the search more exciting. The enrichment toys will be created using boxes, shredded paper, cardboard boxes and sheets. And Easter is the perfect time to hide these very special treats for our Hellabrunn residents.

Other children’s activities on Easter Sunday and Monday include faces painting, available at several stations around the zoo. The little visitors can opt to be transformed into a strong bear, wild tiger or colourful butterfly. There is also a story circus where children can listen and be a part of exciting stories.