Easter at Hellabrunn Zoo

Kids can get their face painted and transform into an awesome lion or watch chicks hatch from eggs - these are just some of the many activities for little visitors and parents to enjoy at Hellabrunn Zoo on Easter Sunday and Monday, April 5 and 6.

Copyright: Hellabrunn Zoo

With a little patience and luck, Hellabrunn's smallest visitors can experience the actual moment a chick hatches from its egg at the children's zoo. By looking through the observation window, kids will be able to see exactly how the chick uses its "egg tooth", a tiny lump on the top beak, to peck a hole in the shell and finally emerge from the egg. The delicate, yellow, down-feathered hatchling will spend the first few days in the warmth of the brooder before venturing outside to mama and papa in the domestic chicken enclosure.

No two eggs are alike - little zoo visitors are invited to crack this mystery in the Egg Exhibition at the children's zoo. The exhibition features eggs from a wide variety of bird species and can be found opposite the guinea pig enclosure. Children will discover how eggshells differ in colour, shape and size to adapt to each bird's habitat and breeding habits. The Egg Exhibition is a colourful celebration of eggs, offering an exciting twist to the popular tradition of colouring eggs at Easter.

Looking for a lasting memento of your visit? How about having your picture taken with the Easter Bunny? Kids (and adults) are invited to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny - or head-in-hole motif - also in the children's zoo. Those who prefer to be transformed into an animal can have their face painted free of charge in the aquarium, the African Giraffe savannah or the main zoo restaurant. There, little girls and boys will turn into colourful butterflies, dangerous spiders or beautiful dolphins before you can say “Happy Easter!”