International Day for Biological Diversity: Day of action at Hellabrunn Zoo on 22 May

On Friday, 22 May, Hellabrunn Zoo marks International Day for Biodiversity. Special activities for the day include an exciting quiz rally, craft workshops in the Species Conservation Center, mobile info stands with interesting facts on biodiversity and much more.

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn

Since 2000, International Day for Biological Diversity has been celebrated on 22 May each year. The date was chosen to commemorate the adoption of the Agreed Text of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) on 22 May 1992 in Nairobi. The Convention was opened for signature at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992. Today, the Convention is one of the United Nations' most successful with more than 190 countries party to the CBD.

Zoo director Rasem Baban looks forward to celebrating this special day: "For International Day for Biodiversity on 22 May, Hellabrunn Zoo would like to raise awareness among visitors of the importance of biodiversity. Each of us can play a part to ensure the future of our planet, and with it our wildlife. The motto for International Day 2015 is "Biodiversity for Sustainable Development". Wildlife conservation ambassadors at our mobile info stands will explain, for example, how we need to change our consumer behaviour in order to preserve biodiversity."

On 22.05.2015, Hellabrunn Zoo offers the following programme (10 am - 5 pm):

Quiz rally
Eight exciting questions on biodiversity lead participants on an entertaining biodiversity expedition through the zoo and invite visitors to learn more about biodiversity.

Presentation of a free app
The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) is actively involved in supporting biodiversity with the launch of the campaign "Biodiversity is us". As part of the campaign, it offers a free app that allows you to take part in fun games and quizzes, build your own animal checklists, and view videos and interesting information. The app will be unveiled at the Isar Entrance. A Wi-Fi hotspot will allow visitors to download the free app.

Recycling craft workshop in the Species Conservation Center
Wildlife conservation ambassadors offer two craft workshops in the Species Conservation Center to show visitors how to recycle everyday consumables and discuss a more sustainable approach to using resources.

Mobile info stands
Wildlife conservation ambassadors at our two mobile info stands will provide information about the animals living at Hellabrunn Zoo as well as environmental and conservation issues such as climate change, overfishing, poaching, etc.

Donation appeal
As part of the day of action, Hellabrunn Zoo will raise funds for a rainforest conservation project initiated by Save the Rainforest. The project aims to purchase areas of forest in the Peruvian Amazon to create a private conservation area to protect the precious rainforest from deforestation for cocoa plantations.