Hellabrunn's gorillas and chimpanzees venture out in the sunshine

The perfect weather to venture outside and explore something new: On 15 April, Hellabrunn's gorillas and chimpanzees made their first foray out into the newly revamped outdoor enclosures of their new homes in the Jungle House.

In order to ensure the animals can take full advantage of the new facilities, the primates were given the opportunity to explore the renovated enclosures before the zoo opened. The gorillas and chimpanzees were thus able to become fully acquainted with all the facilities in peace and quiet - only under observation by the zoo staff. The enclosures are now officially open to the public and the two species can be viewed outdoors in their newly revamped homes daily, provided weather permits. The new design allows visitors to get up close to the gorillas and chimpanzees, with only large glass walls separating humans from their closest relatives.

"The gorillas' first encounter with their new environment went very well. They had a good look around and then immediately tested all the climbing facilities," says zoo director Rasem Baban. "The chimpanzees also seem to like their renovated enclosure. They enjoy the sun and the natural environment with granite rocks, waterfall and marsh zone."