Hellabrunn Zoo polar bear twins ambassadors for endangered fellow species

International Polar Bear Day at Hellabrun Zoo was a great success. The now worldfamous twin cubs attracted many visitors and generated great interest in the fate of their fellow species in the wild. Starting this week, visitors will be able to gain an exclusive peek inside the home of the young polar bear family every weekend and bank holiday.

Approximately 50 visitors gathered inside the Conservation Centre at Hellabrunn Zoo, eyes transfixedto the screen, the atmosphere at times so silent you can hear hearts beat. The reason for this hushedreverence is the presence of the biggest stars of the zoo: the eleven-week-old polar bear twins andmother Giovanna can be seen live on the big screen, broadcast directly from their den.


"It was the first time that visitors were able to experience such an exclusive glimpse inside thebedroom of a young polar bear family," said zoo director Dr Andreas Knieriem. "Many of the visitorsonly came here for this reason. And as the zoo is donating one euro for every visitor to the WWF polarbear patrol in Siberia, even the WWF will be delighted. Although Polar Bear Day fell on a Thursday,outside the school holidays, we were able to raise € 1,502 for a good cause."


Polar Bear Day raised awareness around the world on the plight of polar bears in the wild, who arethreatened primarily by climate change and the reduction of their habitat. The rise to stardom of thelittle ones should help to shed light on these problems. Apart from the screen, the ConservationCentre has an information booth and volunteers to offer visitors advice on what they can do personallyto protect polar bears.


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The live broadcasts are not a one-off event: you can watch live images from the surveillance camerain the family home of Giovanna and her cubs every weekend and bank holiday, until mother bear andher little ones venture out into the outdoor enclosure. Venue: Conservation Centre at Hellabrunn Zoo.