Hellabrunn opens Mouse House

A former kiosk built in 1976 and shut down years ago has now been reopened after major renovation work as the Mouse House at Hellabrunn Zoo.

The mice climb over bridges, hide in wooden houses or busy themselves trying to traverse a ramp to the upper floor. Hellabrunn's new Mouse House offers a lot of excitement for the resident animals and visitors alike. 

Interim zoo director Beatrix Koehler is pleased: "Our 19 mice are now well acclimated and enjoy optimal conditions here: The Mouse House was designed to recreate the ideal conditions for keeping mice and offers the animals everything they need from the best possible climate regulation to fascinating climbing facilities." 


The conversion of the kiosk into the Mouse House was made possible by funding from the Lebendige Erde - Earthlife Foundation. The funding has enabled the 19 mice that have been living in the house for two weeks to enjoy the best conditions. For example, the Mouse House is equipped with an air conditioning unit, ensuring that the interior remains cool in summer and warm in winter. Temperatures range between a minimum of 5°C and a maximum of 30°C. The house is additionally insulated by winter-proof cladding panels and features a newly installed glass front.