Baby rhino Puri enjoys Halloween at Hellabrunn Zoo

While some babies may be scared of Halloween, the newborn rhino Puri shows no signs of fright at all. His protective mother Rapti was the first to rush towards three strange Halloween objects placed inside the autumnal colourful rhino enclosure.

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn / Marc Müller

She first lowered her head towards the objects - three Halloween pumpkins - and quickly shoved two of the pumpkins, beautifully carved by the keepers, into the moat. After that, she thoroughly enjoyed a Halloween treat of dandelion, chard and carrots - rhino sweets which were scattered around the Halloween pumpkins. Baby Puri took a few minutes to summon the courage to approach the third pumpkin. He sniffed around it cautiously, before playfully knocking it around with his head. Shortly after beginning to play ball with the strange orange object, the third pumpkin was no longer recognisable. Both mother and baby rhino had a lot of fun on their first Halloween.