Baby Polar Bear Tries to Walk

At two months old baby polar bear no. 1 has taken its first successful steps.

One of polar bear mum Giovanna’s babies moves unsteadily but with determination through the den. Unsurprisingly its goal is the milk bar! It was already clear to see from their attempts at clambering and tumbling that both siblings - now two months old and weighing about 3.5 kilos - are becoming more mobile every day. Their mother’s fur is helping them - they can use their well-developed claws to latch onto her.


The latest challenge is to move forward independently on all fours on a floor that is covered with wood chips. Polar bear baby no. 1 is really getting the hang of it as can be seen in a new baby polar bear video on the zoo’s YouTube channel.


“We’re observing the progress of both baby polar bears on a daily basis with delight and, just as in real life, one is slightly more advanced than the other. The real job of mothering is just beginning for Giovanna as she needs to keep an eye on both of them - but she’ll get the hang of it!” said zoo director, Dr. Andreas Knieriem.



Both mini polar bears will remain with their mother Giovanna (age 7) in the protection of Polar World’s maternity den and out of sight for a few more weeks. In mid to late March all three of them will come out into the external enclosure. Contact with dad, Yoghi (age 14) will take place at the so-called cuddling gate. Giovanna’s reaction to this will determine whether a family get together will be possible or whether Yoghi will have to stay apart from his partner and offspring.