Polar bear Yoghi prepares to meet Giovanna, Nela and Nobby

After a bout of illness last week, papa polar bear Yoghi is fit and well again. He is now being prepared for a gradual reunion with mama bear Giovanna and to meet his twin cubs Nela and Nobby for the first time.

The two have always shown great interest in each other - but Yoghi and Giovanna have not set eyes on each other since Yoghi returned from Stuttgart to Munich on October 7. Since then, they have often been seen with their noses in the air, scenting, each scenting in the direction of the other, sending a clear signal to the zookeepers: We can smell each other. We want to be together.

"It is important that Yoghi is relaxed and in the best of health to meet Giovanna and the little cubs at the cuddling fence. At the moment, he is getting used to eating raw meat again after a bland diet of rice, oat flakes and flaxseed to aid his recovery. As soon as he is back to his old self, he will be able to meet his family," says zoo director Rasem Baban.

No exact date has been set for the meeting between papa Yoghi and mama Giovanna and the twin cubs Nela and Nobby so far. The little polar bears have never met their dad before, because polar bear fathers often consider their offspring as prey. As a result, polar bear mothers generally do not accept males in their vicinity. Therefore the zookeepers will have to monitor closely how the polar bear parents behave during the first scenting in order to decide whether a family reunion is possible at a later date. Giovanna and Yoghi are regarded as harmonious couple.