Limber the giraffe gets a new home

Limber, the six-year-old female reticulated giraffe, has departed from Hellabrunn Zoo for a new home at Zoo Park Overloon in the Netherlands.

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn / Joerg Koch

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn / Hellabrunn Ekipa

"The transport to the Netherlands went smoothly. And just like at Hellabrunn, Limber now lives in an all-female group at Overloon. Her new enclosure mates are the slightly younger Naomi and Sabira, with whom she has already made friends," reports curator Carsten Zehrer.

The formation of same-sex groups is a natural behaviour exhibited by giraffes in the wild. It was therefore decided in coordination with the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) to promote the keeping of same-sex groups in various zoos across Europe. This initiative plays a vital role in the EEP's population management of the species by controlling the birth of reticulated giraffes in European Zoos.

Limber was transferred for two reasons: even though she accepted the other giraffes living at Hellabrunn, she always remained reserved and often alone; during winter Limber became very sensitive to visitors standing in front of the observation glass of the Giraffe House. At Overloon, there are no glass walls between visitors and giraffes.

The reticulated giraffe derives its name from the lines on its coat, which resemble a network of creamed coloured lines that run across its dark brown coat. Its natural habitat is mainly grasslands in eastern and southern Africa. Reticulated giraffes feed on leaves, buds and young shoots. They use their long, bluish tongue to strip away their food from branches - at a length of 35 cm this is accomplished with ease.

Hellabrunn Zoo is now home to three female reticulated giraffes: Taziyah, Bahati and Makena. Two other females are expected to come to Munich in the not too distant future.

The giraffes currently living at Hellabrunn Zoo are:


Born 26.08.2011 in Frankfurt Zoo, female
At Hellabrunn Zoo since: 2013

Born 12.06.2013 at Brno Zoo/Czech Republic, female
At Hellabrunn Zoo since: 4 September 2015

Born 11.02.2015 at Duisburg Zoo, female
At Hellabrunn Zoo since: 28. September 2016