Female polar bear cub gets a sponsor

As part of its Green Seven sustainability campaign, ProSieben has teamed up with Hellabrunn Zoo to sponsor the zoo's recently born polar bear cub. The collaboration with the German broadcaster will see the little cub become an ambassador of her threatened habitat not only at the zoo, but will reach audiences nationwide. She is also expected to be named shortly. Naturally the name given will begin with "Q".

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn

Copyright: Tierpark Hellabrunn

For weeks, Munich has been feverishly awaiting the naming of the recently born cub,  particularly since it was announced that the baby was a girl. The challenge of finding a suitable name that begins with "Q" has stimulated the creative juices of many visitors, with numerous suggestions submitted to the zoo. As is customary with the adoption of a young animal, the sponsor will have the final say on the name for the cub. The invitation to adopt the cute cub generated a lot of interest. However, in the end, the decision went to the Munich television station ProSieben. The German broadcaster will assume sponsorship of the baby polar bear under its sustainability brand Green Seven, which this year features the slogan "Save the Ice".

This summer, ProSieben will dedicate one day to raising awareness for its "Green Seven: Save The Ice" campaign. The highlight of the day's events will be a compelling documentary on the increasingly shrinking natural habitat of the polar bear. In the past, ProSieben has often broached issues relating to the "Green Seven: Save The Ice" campaign in its news reports.

"We are delighted to have ProSieben as a sponsor who, like Hellabrunn Zoo is committed to nature and species conservation. This ensures our little female cub will become an ambassador for her relatives in the wild. The natural habitat of the polar bear is increasingly shrinking due to global warming and the melting of the polar caps," says zoo director Rasem Baban. "The Green Seven campaign will allow us to raise awareness among a wider audience, whom we can educate about the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect this unique wonderful planet."

"For several years, ProSieben has been promoting the Green Seven campaign to raise awareness among young people on the issue of sustainability. With the sponsorship of the Munich-born cub, under the slogan 'Save the Ice', we aim to explore new paths in 2017 to reach a large number of young viewers, many of whom consider the subject an abstract notion," adds ProSieben spokesman Christoph Körfer. "We look forward to working with Hellabrunn Zoo. Aside from our "Green Seven: Save The Ice" campaign, we will of course also be there to support the little cub as she grows - just like any good sponsor would."

Now that the cub has a sponsor, all that is required is a name. ProSieben and Hellabrunn Zoo will invite television viewers and zoo visitors to participate in a vote on a name for the baby polar bear. The shortlist of seven names – all beginning with "Q" – to choose from will be available from next week.

On 24 February - the first day the cub will be on view in the outdoor tundra enclosure - visitors will be able to vote directly at the zoo.

At the moment, mum Giovanna and her cub are preparing for the big day by spending more and more time exploring the mothering den and spacious sleeping and cuddling units.

About Green Seven:
For one day each year, the red ProSieben logo turns green - Green Seven. The campaign focuses on ecological issues to raise awareness, among young people in particular, about environmental protection and sustainability. The slogan for this year's Green Seven campaign is Save the Ice. The ProSieben sustainability brand was launched in 2009.

About Hellabrunn Zoo’s polar bears:

Mum Giovanna was born on 28 November 2006 in Fasano, Italy. She came to Hellabrunn in January 2008. During renovation work on the Polar World, Giovanna and Yoghi spent 2009 and 2010 in Berlin. Since 2010, Yoghi and Giovanna have been living together as a harmonious couple at Hellabrunn.

The father of the baby polar bear, 18-year-old Yoghi, was born on 29.11.1999 in Pistoia, Italy. He arrived at Hellabrunn in 2007. Between 12 March and 6 October 2014 he was transferred to Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart under the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) where he kept the female polar bear Corinna company.

Female cub "Q"
At 3:06 pm on 21 November, mum Giovanna gave birth to a healthy cub. On 1 February, 72 days after the birth, the baby polar bear already weighed a hefty 8.4 kilos. On that day the sex of the cub was also determined: the cub is definitely a female polar bear.