Biogas plant at Hellabrunn Zoo shuts down

After more than nine years in operation, the biogas plant at Hellabrunn Zoo was shut down on Monday, 11 January 2016. The digester was fed one last time - after which the entire system was switched off. In the coming weeks, the plant will be dismantled and the building handed over to the zoo.

Biogas plant at Hellabrunn Zoo

The plant has been decommissioned due to high modernisation requirement costs, which on account of the length of period in service would require substantial investment to upgrade the facility to a level that ensures the continued safe operation of the plant. Comprehensive analyses have shown that it is no longer economical to continue running the plant. As a result, Hellabrunn Zoo and SWM have mutually agreed to decommission the biogas plant. 

The two municipal companies will however continue to cooperate on energy saving projects in the future. One of the projects currently being investigated is whether an innovative, small hydropower plant can be installed on the grounds of the zoo.


For further information on the biogas plant please contact the press officer at SWM:

SWM press office
Bettina Hess
Tel. + 49 (0)89 2361-5042