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On 6 May 2015, Hellabrunn Zoo threw a big birthday party - which was also a farewell party for our beloved elephant Ludwig who will be moving to Heidelberg shortly.Read more


In May, Ludwig, the youngest and only male elephant at Hellabrunn Zoo, turns four years old. Old enough to venture out into the (not so) big wide world.Read more


The perfect weather to venture outside and explore something new: On 15 April, Hellabrunn's gorillas and chimpanzees made their first foray out into the newly revamped outdoor enclosures of their new homes in the Jungle House.Read more


Hellabrunn Zoo now offers two new attractions at the Show Arena: The new shows Falconer at Work and Meet the Domestic Animals will complement the existing programme - the Birds of Prey and Aerobatic Pigeon shows.Read more


Bigger, more beautiful and more natural than before. The new ape enclosures for gorillas and chimpanzees at Hellabrunn Zoo opened on Friday, 27 March. Situated in the Jungle House, the completely revamped indoor and outdoor facilities will open to the public just in time for the Easter holidays.Read more


The Indian rhino Rapti is expected to give birth to a calf in August. The pregnancy is without complications.Read more


Kids can get their face painted and transform into an awesome lion or watch chicks hatch from eggs - these are just some of the many activities for little visitors and parents to enjoy at Hellabrunn Zoo on Easter Sunday and Monday, April 5 and 6.Read more

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