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Visitors who are planning to see the chimpanzees and gorillas at Hellabrunn Zoo will now find an exciting new arrival in the Jungle Pavilion: a panther chameleon. This fascinating reptile can change its colour within minutes depending on mood and may display a different colour each time you visit.Read more


This week, the Giraffe Savannah at Hellabrunn Zoo welcomed the arrival of a new enclosure mate. Two-year-old Zawadi was transferred to Munich from Cologne Zoo. Zawadi, meaning gift in Swahili, will join the zoo’s all-female giraffe group, which includes her sister Baridi.Read more


When planning a trip to the zoo, the first must-see attractions for many visitors are the big animals at Hellabrunn: the elephants, tigers and polar bears. But a visit to the aquarium is also worthwhile - because what many do not know is that the seahorses have given birth!Read more


Steffi the elephant passed away on Wednesday, 7 March at the age of 52. The beloved elephant’s health began to decline in recent weeks: she lost enormous weight and became increasingly weaker. On Wednesday morning, Steffi was so frail as she lay in her enclosure that the internal ethics committee decided to relieve her of further suffering by...Read more


Born in early February, the youngest member of the Hellabrunn orangutan group was found lifeless in his mother's arms on Sunday morning.Read more


Hellabrunn Zoo is proud to announce the recent births of a baby drill and Sumatran orangutan, two of the most endangered primate species in the world. Both the drill, native to Nigeria and Cameroon, and the Sumatran orangutan, endemic to the Indonesian island of Sumatra, are classified as highly endangered according to the IUCN Red List of...Read more


Like every company, Hellabrunn Zoo conducts an annual stocktake at the end of each year. Although this may sound relatively straightforward, the process is actually quite complicated. Especially as some animals were more cooperative than others.Read more

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