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Visitors will need a little patience to spot the newborn sloth pup with brown button eyes: high up in a tree in the middle of the Rhino House it clings to protective mum Maya - a first-time mum. The father is the 26-year-old male Heinz.Read more


In 2017, Hellabrunn Zoo celebrated another record-breaking attendance year with just under 2.5 million visitors. Highlights of the year include the emergence of the newborn polar bear cub Quintana into the outdoor enclosure for the first time. In July, the zoo held a groundbreaking ceremony for the start of construction work on the new Mühlendorf...Read more


The trees and meadows along the banks of the Isar river are lush green, the sky is clear blue and on the grounds of Hellabrunn Zoo newborn species are discovering a new world. While the new arrival among the red ruffed lemurs keeps the group on their toes, both the elk and Humboldt penguins have double the trouble with twins. Even the flamingo's...Read more


On Tuesday, June 26th, brown bear Olga, one of the world's oldest captive brown bears, passed away at the age of 41. Olga has been a beloved resident at Hellabrunn Zoo since 1977.Read more


A new species has arrived at Hellabrunn Zoo! Since the end of last week, four raccoons have moved into the former puma enclosure and made it their own. The new arrivals will not only offer visitors an opportunity to make new friends, but also to learn more about invasive species and neozoa.Read more


Summer is just around the corner, which means not only the emergence of lush shades of green in the landscape, but also a time when the animal kingdom prepares for new offspring. Amongst the first are the flamingos at zoo that are currently brooding.Read more


The Elephant enclosure at Hellabrunn Zoo is now equipped with new animal enrichment facilities. The enrichment toys, which provide the Asian elephants with daily challenges to forage for their food, have already withstood the "bull test".Read more

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center

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